About Body Harmony Classes

Body Harmony is a pilates inspired class which aims to “balance” the body by encouraging better posture and alignment which leads to a feeling of wellbeing. It also strengthens the body and increases flexibility over time.

Sitting chained to your desk for hours on end isn’t going to do your body any favours. The hip flexors gradually get shorter and tighter, which then creates a knock-on effect on the rest of your body – your pelvis tilts forward, abdominals weaken, shoulders slump and neck stiffens. Anything that compromises your posture can lead to chronic injury and pain over time. Pilates aims to address those postural issues and improve wellbeing.

The first class or two can be a bit overwhelming because there is a lot of information to take in. It’s important to remember that pilates is like teaching your body a new language. It’s going to take time to get to grips with but it’s worth the effort. My aim is to help you to achieve a body that is stronger, leaner and healthier.

Classes are multi-level to suit all fitness levels and all ages from 16 to 70+. Everyone is encouraged to work at the level most appropriate to their current ability with modifications and progressions being offered as appropriate.

A class will typically begin with gentle standing work to focus and prepare the body. A series of toning exercises are then performed on the mat lying on the back, side and front or whilst seated. Small equipment such as soft balls or resistance bands may be used during class to introduce added assistance or challenge. At the end of class there is a short relaxation section. Pilates is all about quality not quantity. Muscle soreness is a result of lactic acid or muscle tearing and you should not experience that in a pilates based class.

Clothing worn should be comfortable and allow freedom of movement eg leggings or track suit bottoms and t-shirt. No shoes are required as pilates is performed with bare feet or in socks.

I believe in a class content that is varied but attainable, keeping participants motivated and inspired. Class participants generally leave feeling energised yet relaxed, lengthened and probably several inches taller!

If you have never tried pilates before don’t be afraid to come along and give it a go.


Personal one-to-one sessions *

There are a number of reasons why one-to-one pilates sessions may be appropriate. Individual sessions tailored to your specific requirements can make a real difference if you are:

  • New to Pilates and want to learn the fundamentals before joining a group class
  • Recovering from illness or injury
  • Have a postural related problem or imbalance eg back, neck, shoulder
  • Getting back in to shape after childbirth

For those of you who are looking for a cost effective way of receiving more individual attention then a one-to-two training session with a friend, work colleague or family member is available.


Introductory One-to-One £35 (45 mins) *

Learn the fundamental principles of the Pilates technique including posture and alignment, thoracic breathing and core activation.  This is an ideal session to gain an understanding of the Pilates technique and build confidence prior to joining a group class.

I have been teaching pilates (and other classes) since 1999 when I qualified as a fitness instructor with the YMCA in London.   I am DBS checked and have public liability insurance up to £1 million.